Entry Positions

Lateral Deputy Requirements

1. Active Texas Peace Officer’s License
2. Commission, Experience & Education Options:

• Commission - Currently commissioned and employed as a regular, full-time, paid, Texas Peace Officer with one agency for twenty-four (24) months directly prior to application date with HCSO.

• Experience - The applicant must have been assigned during the entire required twenty-four (24) months to a traditional first responder position.

• Education –
(1) Must have completed thirty (30) semester credit hours with a minimum 2.0 grade point average from an accredited college or university, or;
(2) Served a minimum of two years in the military service of the United States of America and received an honorable discharge.

• Commission - Retired in good standing from a Municipal, County, or State law enforcement agency with no more than thirty-six (36) months between retire date and HCSO application date.

• Experience - A minimum of ten (10) years, full-time, paid, regular service, and (60) months of continuous experience with one agency in a traditional first responder position.

• Education – High School diploma or G.E.D.

3. Successful completion of the HCSO employment application process per Harris County Civil Service Rule 6.
4. Applicant is in compliance with all HCSO policies.
5. Criminal Activity and Investigations as of application date with HCSO:
    • No retirement while under investigation for any reason.
    • No termination of employment while under investigation for any reason
    • No sustained complaints or current investigations for Civil Rights Violations, Domestic Violence,
     Untruthfulness, or Use of Excessive Force

6. Hearing must be normal.
7. Eyesight must be correctable to 20/20.

1. Successful completion of "New Employee Orientation".

2. Successful completion of an abbreviated HCSO Academy training curriculum.

3. Successful completion of the Probationary Patrol Deputy training program.

4. Successful completion of firearms proficiency at the HCSO Academy.

5. Successful completion of an original employment probationary period of 180 days after appointment and commissioning with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office