Entry Positions

Entry Deputy

Entry and Lateral Deputies

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office is looking for entry and lateral deputies to work in divisions ranging from patrol, criminal investigations, homeland security, and the criminal and civil courtrooms.

Deputies report to and receive assignments, instructions, and directions from Sergeants, Lieutenants, and Captains who are available to guide and direct you as well as answer questions.

The duty of an HCSO deputy ranges from removing dangerous individuals from the community, investigating traffic accidents, to responding to and investigating reports of criminal activities. The HCSO also takes pride, and is recognized for, its involvement in the community through various service projects.
Deputies are expected to prepare and maintain records, logs, and reports of activities, incidents, and offenses, among other things.

As you can see the responsibilities of an HCSO deputy are vast and not limited to those described here.

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*  The HCSO and UHD have teamed up to offer Basic Peace Officer scholarships to qualified applicants. Click here for information and qualification details.